We now offer next day estimates! No Wait-List!

if you have a damaged roof and are inquiring about roof repair or a full replacement, we now offer EXPEDITED  estimation services for all potential customers!
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    Provide us with all the required contact info so that our representative can be in touch with you regard your home or business’s roof damage.

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    Select a service field to better help us understand your needs and track your submission.

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    In order to thoroughly help you in the process of receiving estimates to a damage claim, it is important that you supply us with as much detail as possible about your roof damages. This will ensure our representative is prepared for your appointment.

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    G&A Certified South is now offering our customers the ability to upload photos of damaged areas in order to better serve you in an effective and timely manner. Recommended file types: PNG, JPEG & TIFF

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    After all steps prior to submission have been reviewed for accuracy, submit your claim and a member of our team will promptly be in touch!

G&A Certified South now offer customers the opportunity to upload photos of roof damage online, to avoid wait periods and inconvenient scheduling conflicts. If you have a damaged roof, leaking ceilings or missing shingles, We can help with that. Just fill out the form below and let us help with the rest!

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Free Roof Consultation & Estimate

If you have concerns about the age or condition of your roof, the easy solution is to stop worrying about it and call us. You have nothing to lose because we won’t be pressuring you to work with us. We do not believe in sales pressure – we simply give you the information, a firm quote, and then we let you decide.